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Buyer's Guide: Bathtubs

Buyer's Guide: Bathtubs

Bathing your baby for the very first time can be nerve-wracking, especially if you use the conventional showerhead or adult-sized tub! Thankfully, there are various baby bathtubs and accessories that help to simplify this process. From basic tubs, to collapsible tubs, inflatable tubs, and even mini baby spas, there’s a tub for every age and preference.

The best place for newborns to bathe is in your kitchen sink, very much like washing your vegetables or poultry. Young babies don’t need a lot of water to get clean, and a few inches of water will be sufficient. Eventually, your baby’s going to be too big to fit into the sink, and then it’s time to transition to the baby bathtubs.


what’s available

sink tub

From birth to 6 months, babies will grow from ½ to 1 inch per month, and gain 140 to 200 grams of weight a week, doubling their birth weight by age 5 months. They’re not going to spend too much time bathing in a sink, so sink tubs are relatively inexpensive, and saves you from a fair bit of stress when bathing your newborn.

basic bathtub

Typically made from hard plastic material, these tubs feature a contoured area to support your baby at a safe angle. They often come with a foam lining for comfort and to reduce slippage. Some models include inserts that can be adjusted when your baby gets bigger, allowing the tub to ‘grow’ with your baby.

collapsible bathtub

You’ll need a lot of room to place all those baby furniture, essentials and toys, and a baby bathtub isn’t exactly small. If you’re getting space-constrained, consider a collapsible or foldable bathtub that can be easily folded and tucked away. These bathtubs are perfect for frequent travelers too.

bathers and bath supports

These bathtub accessories are designed to fit into the basic bathtub, making bath time both easier and safer. Mesh inserts are perfect for bathing a newborn, and can be removed to facilitate cleaning, or when your baby is older and doesn’t need the insert any longer. Other inserts are designed to fit into the bathroom sink, and brings the baby to your level so it’s easier on your back.

the good ol’ bucket

As simple as it may seem, a bucket will suffice for bath time, as long as you choose the appropriate size. There are inexpensive bath buckets that are designed for babies, and will help keep your child in the proper position during bath time.


refine your choice

Generally, you’ll want to get a bathtub with non-slip surfaces to keep your baby secure during bath time, and also holds your baby in a proper position for safety. The tub should be easy to drain and clean, to minimize build-up of harmful mildew. If space is an issue, consider going for a collapsible bathtub. Whether you choose a bathtub that can grow with your child, or make a couple of purchases that cover different stages, is a matter of personal preference.


features to look for

    • Comfort: Look for tubs that have a smooth, contoured shape that is comfortable for your baby, and keeps them at the proper angle and position for safe and easy bath time. Some tubs come with a foam lining which will support your baby’s soft skin.
    • Cleaning: The tub material should be easy to wipe down, with as few crevices as possible. Look for a tub with a plug at the base to drain out the water easily.
    • Space-saving: Collapsible bathtubs are ideal for travel and storage, but are not as sturdy as the basic bathtubs. Consider using inserts to improve the comfort and safety of these tubs. 
    • Convertible: Certain bathtub models include a removable sling, mesh insert, or mini tub to match your baby’s development stage.  


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