A nursery is your child’s very first personal space, and the idea of creating a lovely and cozy nursery room may get you all excited and ready to start! You’ll be spending a significant amount of time here with your little one, so it pays to do some planning beforehand. Apart from the basic, essential nursery items, additional design elements are really up to each couple’s preferences and budget.

With a fair amount of creativity and a little bit of spending, your nursery can become a self-contained haven that is conducive to your child’s development. To help you get started, we’ve put together a couple of “good to have” items that will contribute towards the nursery’s developmental value, and impress your baby shower guest.


1. Play Pen

A play pen is ideal for the stay-home mum. When you’re busying yourself with the multitude of tasks at home, your child is safely nested within the pen, and away from any hazards - sharp corners, slippery surfaces, electrical and trip hazards. Children at this age are naturally curious, and like to actively explore their surroundings. With a play pen, your child is in her own element, and can entertain herself with the toys and books within.

Play Pens are suitable for babies who are beginning to crawl and become mobile, often from the ages of 6 months and above. Nowadays, Play Pens are easy to dismantle and store, making them suitable for travel trips. Just be sure to check that the Play Pen meets applicable safety standards, like the BS EN 12227:2010 Safety Mark.


2. Cot Mobile

Not every baby needs a Cot Mobile, but some parents find them useful in helping their child to sleep soundly at night (which also means more sleep for them!) These beautifully crafted items are often hung above, or at the side of a crib, and tend to have multiple features, such as bold or soothing colours, the ability to produce a tune or jingle, and mechanical motions that calm babies. A select few versions will come with the night light option, moderately bumping up the price for an all-in-one package.

When choosing a crib mobile, make sure the design is solid, and there are no loose strings are parts that can compromise your baby’s safety. Otherwise, this item would be a wonderful addition to any nursery!


3. Night Lights

As new parents, you’ll probably have to make frequent trips to the nursery throughout the night! A night light comes in handy for that matter, to illuminate the room enough to be visible, and not too bright as to hurt your baby’s eyes. Night lights create a low lighting, soothing environment that is perfect for your baby – not bright, but not pitch black as well. These lights are also handy if you prefer to give your baby a pre-bedtime meal, to ease them into dreamland for the night.


4. Baby Monitors

Out of the 5 items that we recommend, the Baby Monitor is probably the most useful. Baby Monitors transmit sound, video images, or both from one part of the house to another. If you don’t want to spend every minute peering into your baby’s crib (unless you enjoy it!), a Baby Monitor will be a god-send to keep tabs on your little one.

Perhaps you’re doing the laundry in the kitchen, and would like to close the nursery door to shut out any external noise. Baby monitors will help you know when your child has awoken from her nap, and is waiting for her next feeding. There are a couple of criteria that you should look into before choosing a baby monitor, and BabyCenter has an excellent resource explaining these criteria. Read more about it here.


5. Nursery Dresser

When selecting a Nursery Dresser, choose a deep one with multiple storage spaces and containers. This is crucial since you’ll have to store multiple types of baby supplies that you’ll be using quite frequently, such as clothing, diapers, wipes, balms, lotions and sanitizers. A compartmentalized dresser will help you keep your stuff organized and save the time spent searching for supplies.

When arranging storage units, be sure to group similar items next to each other. For example, all items related to diaper change would be stored next to each other, namely diapers, wet wipes, baby powder and diaper rash creams. This will reduce cross-contamination of baby supplies as well.

So there you have it! 5 items that would make your nursery that much more beautiful. There’s no hard-and-fast rule as to what’s essential – and what’s just nice-to-have, so you’ll have to figure that out. A budget will come in handy when deciding to outfit your baby’s nursery. We hope that you’ll have loads of fun decorating and creating your baby’s little universe! :D

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