Babies are delicate little creatures with a weak immune system. Your child’s immune system will build as she grows and develops, but it’s safer to minimize her exposure to sources of harmful bacteria. Remnants of milk are a highly fertile breeding ground for the icky bacteria that can cause your baby to fall sick, so sterilizing is a necessity. The sterilization process cleans and kills germs hiding in the nooks and crannies of the baby bottles, and also between plastic folds.

The traditional method of sterilizing has been to place the bottles in a pot of hot water, and this works out pretty fine, if not requiring more time and effort. An easier way will be to grab one of the commercially available sterilizers, since your child will be bottle fed for at least half a year. To help you choose the best sterilizer for your needs, we’ve refined the sterilizers on the market into 3 different types, together with their associative benefits. Read on!


Baby holding a baby bottle with breast milk for breastfeeding. Mothers breast milk is the most healthy food for newborn baby.

Safe & Easy - The Electric Sterilizer

Always choose a sterilizer that is made from plastic that is Phthalate and BPA-free. Electric sterilizers are simple to operate, killing bacteria through high temperature steam. Compared to the traditional method of sterilization, electric sterilizers take an average of 6 - 15 minutes to get the job done, while you’re managing your busy schedule. To sterilize bottles, pacifiers, teethers and breast pump parts, just place the feeding accessories into the sterilizer, plug it in to the power socket, and leave it to do its job.

Electric sterilizers tend to lean towards the pricier side, so be prepared to fork out a little bit more. Things to look out for in an electric sterilizer are:

  • Versatility; it should fit different sizes of bottles and feeding accessories
  • Ease of operating and dismantling
  • Auto switch-off function when sterilization is complete
  • Additional functions such as cool-to-touch indicator and end-of-cycle beeps


Quick - The Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Microwave steam sterilizers work on the same principle as the electric sterilizers, except that they utilize high energy microwaves to generate hot steam from water. On average, this process takes 5 - 8 minutes to complete.

Note that these sterilizers are simply a microwave safe container, so you’ll still need a household microwave to get the job done! Afterwards, give the sterilizer some time to cool down to a safe temperature before removing the lid and taking the bottles out, for your own safety.

Microwave steam sterilizers are lighter on the pocket compared to electric sterilizers, but often have a limited capacity as it has to be compact to fit into your microwave. The typical microwave oven should be able to accommodate up to 5 feeding bottles, so keep that in mind when selecting a microwave steam sterilizer. Otherwise, this option is both easy and cost-effective.


Convenient – The UV Light Sterilizer

The latest novel sterilizer on the market functions using UV light, purportedly able to kill 99.9% of germs. In terms of convenience, this is by far the best of the three – it’s portable and well-suited for travel trips. Due to its UV light operation, these devices can sterilize more than just feeding accessories.

However, the compact size of UV light sterilizers means it cannot accommodate many feeding accessories in a single session. Also the technology used directly correlates to cost, so these devices weigh in heavier on the price scale.

Choose a sterilizer that can accommodate the feeding accessories that you’d like to sterilizer. The average baby would go through six bottles of milk a day, so plan in advance if you are bottle feeding your baby. For mums who breastfeed, sterilizers may come in handy for cleaning out breast pump parts, or even feeding utensils if your baby has begun on solid food.

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