Expecting double or even multiple happiness?  CONGRATULATIONS! for being the lucky (14.87 out of every 1000 births) few! When shopping for twins, triplets or multiples, you may have to buy at least two for everything. With tight budget, buying at least two for everything may not be practical. Yet, at the same time, you need to stock up sufficient amount of everything to ensure your and your tots’ lives are running smoothly. We come out with the list of negotiable and non-negotiable baby items that we hope could assist you!


Non-Negotiable Items

Infant Car Seat: Yes, you won’t be able to save on this item. If you are expecting twins or multiple, you will need one car seat for each of them. Most hospitals won’t even let you bring your babies home without them. In fact, it is illegal to drive your newborns around in the car without infant car seat as it is against car safety law. (Infant Car Seat Info Guide)

Crib: Initially, your newborns could sleep with you on the same bed to save space and also promote bonding. But eventually your little joy of happiness would appreciate a bigger space. For safety — and comfort — give them their own sleeping space when they’re starting to move. 

Stroller: You will need to bring your tots out of the house. Luckily, stroller companies such as Peg Perego, RunAbout, and Baby Jogger offer strollers for multiples.

High Chair: You can visit our info guide for high chair for more information on purchasing one. You will need one high chair per baby. There is no escape from this. High chairs need to be sturdy, safe, and comfortable for your babies.

Bottle:  Though you are breastfeeding, having a full day's supply of bottles and nipples on hand (with 3 to 6 to spare) is definitely a big help. You should stock up enough bottles and pacifiers to accommodate your multiples’ feeding needs. On average, newborns use 60-90ml every 3-4 hours.

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Negotiable Items

Rocker/Swing: Battery-operated or wind-up swings could prove invaluable. Many parents prefer battery-operated swings, as they're quieter and don't need winding. Since you'll use them for a relatively short time, it may be more economical to borrow or purchase just one. This swing will keep at least one of your tots occupied while you tend to the other(s) or get down to doing other chores.

Play mat: Given it is relatively small area, play mat cannot accommodate multiples. However, it is good to have one as an entertainment centre for your babies while they take turn enjoying it.  Play mats offer varieties of stimulants to help with your tots’ motor, linguistic, and cognitive development.

Clothing: Babies grow very fast and most parents often have to grapple with the urge of buying too many cute clothes. Try to save on these. You just need a few sets of onesies with snap buttons at the bottom for the ease of changing diapers. Onesies either without sleeves for the days and with sleeves for the nights.

Other than these, you would need to top up on essentials such as diapers, milk powder. Since you will purchase in larger quantities, do ask for bulk discounts from retailers you are frequenting or sign up for membership program to give you greater saving.