You’ve received an invitation to your friend’s baby shower, and you don’t want to go empty handed. There are a ton a possible products out there, but you just can’t figure out what to get for the happy couple and their baby. You’re tempted to default to the safest choice of grabbing a clothes gift set from the nearest shop. We understand, because we’ve been in this very same position before.

For non-parents, choosing a baby shower gift can be baffling. Even experienced parents do stumble when the time comes to select a gift. Don’t worry! Although it’s not possible for us to tell you exactly what to buy (we would be mind-readers if we could), there are a couple of points that you can use to ease the selection process. We hope that with this knowledge you’d be able to choose a gift that would make your little recipient smile!


Aim for Practicality

A baby needs lots of basic supplies, so practical items (though somewhat boring!) would be a safe bet. At the very least, you could be assured that your gift won’t be thrown into the forgotten pile of unwanted items.

Ideal choices are diapers, milk bottles, pacifiers, feeding utensils, grooming kits and baby blankets. One way to quickly get up to speed on what a baby needs is to ask Google for a “Baby Registry List”; in it, you’d find many useful items that new parents are hoping to get!

If you’re particularly close to the couple, or are someone who settles for no less than excellence, consider a touch of customization and uniqueness in your gift. A cute towel with embroidered words, or better, a personalized diapercake, would convey your sincerity to the couple.


Plan for the Future

Babies can grow faster than a speeding ticket, and to facilitate physical and cognitive development, parents would often need age-appropriate items. They may not absolutely need your gift right now, but they sure as heck would need it in future. For instance, when selecting a toy as a gift, you could choose one which is meant for slightly older infants. Most reputable toys will come with the appropriate age tag that you can use as a reference.

Parents tend to receive gifts that are only chosen for current usage, so your gift will stand out and they’ll be even more appreciative of it. Besides educational toys, gifts such as bathroom step stools, baby monitors and safety kits would be perfect as they can be used over a longer span of time.


Avoid the Clothes Gift Set

Admittedly, this is a subjective opinion, but clothes gift sets are to Baby Showers what chocolate is to Christmas presents. Which means it’s the default choice, and a pretty uninspiring one at that. There have even been baby showers with the specific rule “no baby clothes please”, to avoid swarming new parents with tons of clothes.

There are many other types of baby gifts which you could invest in; nevertheless, if you decide to buy a set of clothes, it may be wise to select a slightly larger set, as babies outgrow their clothes rather quick.


Baby showers are joyous events for both the parents and guests, and a great gift can really spice up the experience. No matter the choice, a gift chosen with sincerity, good will and thoughts would be the perfect gift for any baby shower!


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