Car seat is an essential, must have equipment in every parents’ arsenal. Without it, even hospitals would net let you and your newborns  leave as it is stipulated under Singapore law anyone below the height of 1.35m will be required to be secured with a child restraint appropriate for a person of that height and weight.  Failure to comply with the law will result in fine up to $1,000/- or jail up to 3 months for first time offender.

Chances are parents will have to invest in different types of car seats as their children develop.  Rear-facing car seats are for infants below 2 years old. Once they have outgrown the weight limit imposed by manufacturer, parents will have to invest in forward facing car seats  until their children graduate to booster seat by school-going ages  and finally, being permitted to sit in the car using seat belts.

Though car seats could be shockingly expensive, car safety is extremely important. In The United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, child-safety seats can reduce fatal injury by 71 per cent for infants and 54 per cent for toddlers aged one to four.

Asian parent with baby in car seat

Below are the things to note and to guide you to make the important choice of selecting car seat for your little sweetheart:

  • In Singapore context, the majority of car seats sold are 3-point harness car seats. A 3-point harness has two straps that come over a child’s shoulders and meet at the waist to join with a clip between their legs. A 5-point harness has an additional clip at chest height, making the car seat harder to escape from and more protective in the event of a crash. Stokke Izi go X1 is one with 5-point harness. The car seat comes with an integrated sun canopy and plush padding for exceptional comfort and added protection

  • If you do not have car, finding a car seat that is highly portable can be your vanity saver! This will make travelling by taxi easier. You can buy a pram all-in-one system that includes both a pram and the corresponding infant car seat (baby capsule). Examples of brands available here would include Graco Logico Capsule and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio. The baby capsule piece can be secured in a taxi via a seat belt. For older infants, Sit & Stroll could be an excellent choice. Sharing a seat belt or holding them on your lap is the most dangerous option of all

  • If you are thinking about buying a used seat, be sure it was never in a crash or recalled by the manufacturer. Also pay attention to the car seat's age: these seats can expire, typically in five to 10 years, because the plastic may become brittle, among other things.

  • Check if your car has an ISOFIX system. ISOFIX is a fantastic car seat safety system that helps to give you peace of mind when you are out travelling with your child. It reduces the chance of wrongly fitted car seat and the risk of children being hurt seriously during accident. The system also allows for easy installation and rigid connection between the car and car seat for improved protection. If your car has the luxury of ISOFIX sytem, you should consider ISOFIX car seat.

  • Know how much space you have at the back of your car. If you have small car, you may not have the option of choosing car seat with large base. Also, consider who will be sitting at the back seat. How many children you have? How many are in car seats? Take back seat measurement before going shopping for your car seats.

Another car-safety tip to take note: children under the age of 12 are recommened to sit at the back of the vehicle to protect them from being gravely injured by inflated air bags. Caring for your children means teaching them care safety early on. Encourage your children to remain buckled up and seated during rides.

All in all, with so many options available out there, we are sure you are able to find one car seat that you could install confidently while meeting your needs.

For more information on how to select car seats, you could also read up on our info guide on car seat selection.

Happy Toddling!