With all that time spent hustling about in your baby carrier, it’s definitely not the cleanest piece among your baby gear. This leads naturally to the question – how do I clean and care for my baby carrier?

There are many different types of carriers, such as woven wraps, ring slings, mei tais, and buckle carriers, and they require slightly different treatments from each other. Manufacturers generally include some basic instructions on how to care for the product, however, these instructions often lack detail, and won’t answer all your questions. Fret not; here’s where we come in!


Soft Structured Carriers (SSC)

Being one of the most common and popular carrier designs, SSCs’ are widely used by many parents. They allow for varying positions with its ergonomic design, and therefore have the longest lifetime usage. However, in Singapore’s humid climate, it tends to accumulate sweat, as well as other body fluids such as baby saliva and pee. To care for your SSC, below are our recommended practices:

•Before using your SSC, it is a good idea to wash it first. You never know where the scent of your newly purchased carrier comes from, and washing will remove any chemicals present on the carrier.

•To wash your SSC, buckle up the carrier and put it in a mesh bag or pillow case. Add a small amount of baby-friendly liquid detergent into cool/cold water for a delicate wash. If you’re washing a carrier that has elaborate prints or bright colors, you could use a color catcher to prevent color bleeding. Softener is not recommended to protect the fabric. Hand-washing is preferable over machine-wash..

•For spot stains, clean the affected area with a soft, damp cloth and baby-friendly liquid detergent. Gently rinse the area to clean off the stain. Avoid powder detergents as these can fall into the small nooks and corners of the carrier, or may get into the linen itself.

•Leave your carrier to air-dry. However, if you’re in a hurry to use the carrier again, placing the SSC in a mesh bag and blowing dry with an air blower is a viable alternative.


Woven Wrap

Woven wraps are a simple piece of fabric that is wrapped around you and your baby, offering superior adjustability and flexibility.  As a wearer, you can adjust and tie them in a wide variety of ways, which help create the perfect fit for you and your baby. These are ideal for younger babies, from newborns to young toddlers. Below are the recommended steps to keeping your wrap in pristine condition.

•Before using your woven wrap, it’s a good practice to wash it. Washing will help to tighten the weave as well as soften the wrap. Check for fabric flaws before you wash your wrap.

•For woven wraps, baby-friendly liquid detergents that are free of optical brighteners are recommended. Avoid softeners. For cotton wraps, wash using cold water; however, silk wraps will require warm water, and cold water may dull the colors. Materials such as linen and hemp are more workable, and can take both warm and cold water. Bamboo and wool wraps will clean best in lukewarm water.

•Air dry your woven wrap after washing. If you insist on using a dryer, you should tumble-dry on low settings. Once the wrap is sufficiently dry, iron your woven wrap to smooth it out, spraying water to keep it damp during ironing, as direct heat can damage the weave.

Most woven wraps have a rather rough texture fresh out of the box, so you’ll have to break it in through several wash and use cycles. They’ll become soft, floppy, and fit your baby like a glove with repeated use.

Mei Tai

Mei Tais are Asian-inspired baby carriers, and lack buckles. This wrap and tie design allows a custom, natural fit for you and your baby, and can be used on generally every body type. Although it’s not the easiest to put on and take off, Mei Tais are fairly easy to clean.

•Mei Tais are made of durable, tougher materials, so machine-wash is suitable. Just be sure to use cold water, and if washing with other fabrics, to check that they have like colors with the Mei Tai.

•If the straps of the Mei Tai get twisted during washing, flatten them out before hanging it to dry. If needed, iron your Mei Tai as you would other fabrics. For silk Mei Tais, hand washing is preferable to protect the more delicate material. 

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