Parents living in Singapore would probably agree with this – babies are such expensive little creatures. Even bringing them around requires the use of special gear, which varies from the simple cloth sling to the oh-so-amazing multi-functional transformer-esque baby carriers.

Baby carriers come in all shapes, styles, designs and age limits. Each boasts its own unique selling points, which makes it harder to choose one! Well, if you can’t convince them, confuse them – as Harry S. Truman has famously said.

Baby wearing is ideal for keeping your baby calm, and allows a deeper bond to be forged between parents and their child. Facilitating this requires discernment by parents to choose a carrier that is comfortable for both you and your child. We’ve distilled the finer points of a good baby carrier which may be helpful for you in making your decision.


1. Keep It Simple

A good carrier will allow you to intuitively switch from one position to another with little effort. Complicated baby gear with many functions may be enticing, but it’s rare that you’ll use many, if not most of these features.

A newborn baby’s body is really delicate so the choice of carriers limited to a few options. Some parents prefer to use a sling to tote around their baby, given that their soft and stretchy material will wrap snugly around a little body. The allowable semi-reclined position in a sling would promote healthy spinal cord growth. Your baby will outgrow these pretty fast, though, as she rapidly up-sizes within the first year.

A nice alternative would be to choose a carrier that can facilitate baby wearing from newborn to a toddler. These are often available as addable newborn inserts into a standard baby carrier, which ensures baby’s comfort by matching the contours around the spinal cord, while fully supporting the neck and head.

Baby Carrier Positions

2. Duration of Wearing

To choose a baby carrier, first decide if you’re open to using more than one carrier for different situations and ages. Using just one carrier for your child as she grows and develops will likely sacrifice some ease of use and comfort, but it’ll be lighter on your pocket.

If you do plan to wear your baby for a period of two years and more, you’ll want to get a baby carrier that’s in it for the long haul too! Mei Tai Baby Carriers, for example, can be used to ferry your baby around from newborn to a few years old. Some parents would recommend a soft-structured carrier, such as the Baby Bjorn active carrier with lumbar support to reduce upper back strain, or the Ergobaby carriers that has generous padding and support, and is easy on the back.

3. Breastfeeding On The Go

Being able to breastfeed while wearing your baby may be a requirement for certain moms (and dads!). Hands-free carriers are ideal, of course, allowing you to use your keyboard, or perhaps run a little laundry work during the day. Slings are perfect for this option, as your baby can be secured into the sling. The sling adjusts to the size of your baby, by pulling on the end of the fabric.

Buckle carriers and Mei Tais can be used as baby carriers for breastfeeding too. However, they will usually need to be unbuckled a tad, to make your baby comfortable as the default position is slightly awkward. Also, you’ll likely have to support your baby’s head during nursing.

We hope you will have fun wearing your baby! Baby wearing should be comfortable for you and your baby. If you’re looking around for a buckle carrier with flexibility in positioning, our top choices are Ergobaby 360 Four Position Carrier, or the Pikkolo Carrier. The Ergobaby Original Carrier with an Infant Insert is also suitable to tote around your infant baby. These are wonderfully comfortable, versatile, easy-to-use and long lasting.

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