Diaper bags are the closest thing to fashion that a new mom (and sometimes dad) has. Apart from its use to store diapers, bottles, wipes and feeding accessories, a select few diaper bag brands do make a pretty bold fashion statement too. It wasn’t always like this; older diaper bags are bulky, heavy, and look as if they were designed for storage space and nothing else.

Truth be told, any roomy bag can be converted into a diaper bag with some effort. However, diaper bags don’t cost a whole lot, and are worth the investment if you could find a functional and good-looking one that matches your style. Moreover, the diaper bag has become an icon for the fashion-conscious mom as much as how the latest Chanel or Hermes bag excites female socialites.  

After trying out various diaper bag brands and designs, we’re proud to bring to you our crème de la crème picks of the diaper bag world, in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

1. SKIP HOP Duo Signature Diaper Bag

SKIP Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

Versatility is so important for a diaper bag, and this one has that firmly nailed down. Easily converted to a shoulder or stroller bag, the Duo Signature Diaper Bag is also water-proof, so you no longer have to worry about the rain or splashes.

Equipped with two generous front and side pockets, with two zipped pouches inside for your valuables, storage is not an issue with this diaper bag. There are two handles; a small one for hand-carry or to latch on to your baby’s stroller, and a longer one that can be strung across or over your shoulders, behaving just like your regular tote. Our only gripe, though, is that the changing mat is pretty thin and short.

2. SKIP HOP Forma Pack Tote Diaper Bag

SKIP Hop Forma Tote Diaper Bag

Eleven pockets. What’s that you say? Eleven pockets?

Yeah, this Forma Pack Tote Diaper Bag comes with a whopping total of 11 pockets, more than enough to satiate any mom who’s a pack-rat. Featuring lightweight fabric and quilted details, these bags look perfectly at home on your shoulder, or as a cross-carry accessory.

Featuring light-weight fabric and quilted details, the water-resistant bag has a conveniently placed from zip pocket which is perfect for bottles, sippy cups and snacks, those items that you’ll need to reach for frequently. Furthermore, if your baby makes a mess when outdoors, simply roll out the comfortable cushioned changing mat which works nicely with changing stations in public places.

3. PETUNIA PICKLE Abundance Boxy Backpack

Petunia Pickle Abundance Boxy Backpack

Woohoo! This is one for the dads. Designed as a backpack, this bag is non-threatening to your husband’s manliness. The boxy shape creates a whole lot of room for yours and your baby’s essentials. It comes with a thickly padded changing mat that can be rolled out in the event of a sanitary emergency.

The cover flap is secured by a magnetic clasp, which keeps things in even at maximum capacity. Besides, magnetic clasps are much friendlier to your baby’s sleep time than Velcro, which makes a “rrriiippp” sound every time you open the flap. Very annoying. The backpack straps are a little on the thin side, though, so consider the comfort level if you’ll be using the bag for longer duration trips.

 4. JJ Cole Collections Satchel Diaper Bag

JJ Cole Collections Satchel Diaper Bag

This tote-style diaper bag wins points for functionality. With eleven interior and exterior pockets combined, it also comes with a stroller attachment to secure it to your baby’s stroller. Also having an integrated cushioned changing mat (which is so essential), this bag comes with an insulated pocket that can keep your baby’s food warm when you’re on the go.

The messenger strap is adequately padded with is fantastic for longer duration trips, and can be adjusted for multiple carrying options. The JJ Cole Collection Satchel also comes in a variety of stylish designs to suit the demands of trendy moms.

 5. Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Bag

Jujube Be Prepared Diaper Bag

When they named this bag “Be Prepared”, they weren’t kidding. This diaper bag clocks in a grand total of Seventeen compartments. This diaper bag is made of Polyester Microfiber, making it both water and stain-resistant. The lining of the bag is protected by anti-microbial treatments that inhibit the growth of odor causing fungus, mold, bacteria and mildew, keeping your bag as fresh as the day you bought it (Ok, maybe not, but still fresh-smelling).

The interior of the bag has been intentionally colored to make finding your supplies easy. For additional cleanliness, it is embedded with crumb drains that you can use to empty out the itsy-bitsy crumbs and debris. With all these features, this diaper bag as a hefty price tag to match, and is a tad bulkier than your average diaper bag. Otherwise, this makes a convenient, stylish, and durable diaper bag.

The Be Prepared bag is a large bag that is often purchased by families who are frequently on the move, or by parents with multiple tots. - Thanks to Charmaine for raising this point!

To find out how to pick the best diaper bag to suit your needs, refer to our buyer's guide!

Life after you have a baby should not be less than glamorous. Choosing a stylish, chic and functional diaper bag has been made possible through diaper bag designers that have responded to requests from mums. From the plain-practical to the uber-designed, there is a diaper bag for every budget.

Happy shopping everyone!