At 3-6 months, your newborns would be able to afford greater ease of movements. During this period, they should be able to hold their heads steady, unsupported. They are able to push down their legs when their feet are on hard surface, roll over from tummy to back and utilize their hands more. They could rotate their wrists to manipulate dangling toys as their hands are no longer clenched together like before. And because of these advancing abilities, everything could easily end up in your babies’ mouths. Thus, as parents, we should ensure that toys that end up in your newborns’ hands are safe, chemically tested and non-toxic.

Below are the Top 5 Toys that we recommend for 3-6 months baby.

1.  Lightweight Rattles

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Mary Meyer Baby Ella Bella Rattle


At age of 3-6 months, babies start to respond to sounds. They will be able to smile, copy movements and facial expressions. Give them brightly colored rattles that they could shake and make music; they will be so elated to keep shaking those lightweight rattles. As parents, you could act excited and smile when your babies make some sounds. Preferably, choose clear rattles so that your babies would know what’s making all the cool sounds.

2. Stuffed Toys/ Taggies

DSC_1345_buccaneerMary Meyer Baby Buccanneer Soft Toy


Stuffed toys make excellent companions to your babies. Soft, cuddly and huggable stuffed toys would provide soothing comfort to your babies as they sleep. Ensure that the stuffed toys do not have any removable small part like plastic eyes, embellishment that could  possibly be swallowed by your babies. These small parts could cause suffocation and strangulation which is not desirable.

3. Colorful Teething Ring

Bright Starts Soothing Teether 

With sore gums, gnawing on teething ring could provide relief to your babies. During this period, they like to chew on things.  Chill teething rings in the refrigerator so as to provide cool and soothing relief.  Babies are often teething at this age and should be able to hold a teething ring.  One suggestion is to make the teething ring textured for a different feel


4. Activity Centre

Fisher&Price Jumbaroo Activity Centre

Oh, your baby would love this. During the age of 3-6 months, your baby is starting to get some control over his body - even starting to realize that it is actually his body. Activity Centre such as Jumperoo would provide amazing number of sights and activities to discover - music, lights and exciting sounds that reward baby with every jump! Activity Centre will keep your baby happy, active and healthy and also promote his/her movement/physical development

5.  Activity Blanket

Mary Meyer Jasmine Giraffe Activity Blanket

Activity Blanket is always favorite of baby’s toys. Colorful activity blanket would provide virtual stimulation for your babies. Some of these activity blankets would produce screeching sounds that would sure intrigue them. Get activity blankets of bright, contrasting colors and different textures so as to keep your babies entertained.


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