The period of 6-9 months is marked by increasing curiosity, advancing physical abilities and senses. Your babies should be able to sit without support and even stand on their own.  They start to recognize familiar faces, showing emotions such as favoritism to special toys or even being shy when approached by unfamiliar people. You will observe that their gross motor developments being refined over time, starting from bottom shuffling to crawling and then standing up when they reach 9 months old. The motor skill will develop rapidly at 9 months onwards. At this period, the best toys should focus on enhancing their motion skills as well as cultivating their cognitive and linguistic skills.

Here is the list of Top 5 Toys that we recommend for 6-9 Months Old Baby:

1. Moving Toys

Fisher& Price Go Baby GoFisher&Price Go Baby Go

Moving toys would cultivate your babies’ motor skills. As they start to afford greater ease of movement during this period, they will be especially intrigued by toys that move. Make them reach and crawl towards those toys. Moving toys such as lightweight balls, sturdy cars would provide the necessary interaction for babies to understand their surrounding, develop their motor skills and turn them into speedy crawler!

2. Stacking/Sorting Toys

Melissa and Doug Stacking TrainMelissa and Doug Stacking Train

During this period, your babies will be intrigued by your actions. You could stack and pile some wooden toys and then, knock them down. Allow your babies to do the same. They will particularly enjoy these activities during this period. Another option is to allow your babies to sort geometric shapes into their respective holes. These sorting and stacking toys will keep your babies engaged and stimulated.

3. Musical Tables

Leap Frog Musical TablesLeap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table

They will adore objects that are able to produce new sounds.  Your babies could press, push, twist and open things on these musical tables and they will love them!  They come with parts that move and spin, giving your baby a place to practice coordinating his hands with sensory experiences.


4. Interactive Books

Baby Einstein Board BooksBaby Einstein Board Books

Reading during this period will be more enjoyable for the two of you. You could purchase soft books, board books depending on your liking. Brightly-colored, interactive books will engage your babies’ attention.  Read books to your children everyday. Praise them when they babble and “read” too. In this way, you will be able to promote their linguistic development that tends to be more rapid during this period. They will respond to sounds by making sounds. You can read the same favorite books repeatedly – and soon you will find your children anticipating certain words or sounds.


5. Stuffed Toys

Mary Meyer Stuffed ToysMary Meyer Stuffed Toy

Babies will always love stuffed toys. However, during this period, they will start developing attachment to “favorite” soft toys. This attachment is normal and should be encouraged. They will become upset when their favorite soft toy (‘”lovey”) is missing or somebody snatch this lovey. These favorite soft toys act as transitional items to ease the anxiety that babies during this period tend to feel.   As they start to realize that they are individuals separate from their parents, many babies try to bridge the gap by latching on to these transitional "comfort objects" such as stuffed animals or blankets.  Be sure to choose safe stuffed toys with no removable small parts.


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