Though babies develop at different rates, at 9-12 months, most babies' physical dexterity should have  improved significantly.  They will become speedier crawlers and even start to stand and cruise (walking while holding to furniture).  They start to move and explore their surroundings so it is important for parents to “childproof” their houses. Some of the “baby toys” that these babies have previously may no longer be stimulating enough thus, it‘s time for parents to invest in more new toys!.  During this period, age-appropriate toys should encourage their linguistic development, encourage them to stand/cruise, to use their hands and engage them in role playing.

Below are the top 5 Baby Toys for 9-12 Months Old!

1. Interactive Instruments

Little Drummer Hape
Hape Little Drummer

As your babies improve on their physical dexterity, you can encourage them to use their limbs as much as possible. Interactive musical instruments would allow your children to make a lot of sounds. Hearten your babies to use their hands to hit small musical instruments like wooden drum, cymbals, xylophone etc. Music is important for babies of this age and they love songs - especially those with actions. They also love rhythm and will begin to respond to it by swaying to the rhythm and "singing" along.

2. Shape Sorters

Shape sorters would help your babies develop their problem-solving skills. They will be intrigued as to why a square shape won’t go through a round opening.  They will find this very fascinating and at the same time challenging and frustrating.  Some of these shape sorters come in multi-color shapes that allow your babies to learn about color as well. Invest in these shape sorters for your little ones!


3. Baby Walkers

V-Tech First Step Baby WalkerV-Tech First Step Baby Walker

As your babies start to walk, toys that aid walking will be adored by your babies. They would love to see the world in different perspectives.  Encourage them to keep making steps. Some of these baby walkers come together with activity center as well. Thus, if you are afraid that your children may not be able to use the baby walkers so early, fret not, they will still be entertained by the activity center.


4. Books

Baby Einstein Board BooksBaby Einstein Board Books

Interactive, age-appropriate books will always be the favorite of toys especially during this period in which early language development is essential. As speech is developing, the more you can read and talk to your children, the more quickly they will develop their language skills, making sounds, recognizing letters, vocabularies. Soon, you will be surprised and elated when they utter the words "mama' or "papa"!


5. Toy Telephone

Leap Frog Lil' Phone PalLeap Frog Lil' Phone Pal

Toy telephone serves as a great pretend play. Even if they can’t talk, allow them to babble freely. Infants of the ages 9-12 months like to mimic the things that adults or older children do. Toy phones help your infant to role-play, and explore an entire make-believe world in which they are the adults. You may also consider other form of toys that encourage pretend-plays such as toy shopping carts, toy phones, toy vacuums, etc.

During the first one year, you could see your babies evolve from helpless human beings into more mobile infants.  As they gain physical dexterity, provide them with lots of room to move and explore safely. “Toddle-proof” your houses. Lock away products that could pose hazards to your babies such as kitchen knives, laundry and cleaning products, etc. and ensure that these products and appliances are beyond their reach.


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