Coming to the world is a very big adventure for your baby. And for first-time parents too, your baby represents a huge learning curve. Fret not, there will always be the first time and the second, third and the next ones, they will be a breeze. With so many things to purchase, first-time parents will for sure be overwhelmed by choices of toys available. Toys, though must be fun, they must as well as be safe, age-appropriate and intentional to develop your babies and nurture their overall development (intellectual, fine-motor, linguistic, sensory, and emotional skills).

Given their limited movements, your newborns won’t be able to reach and see far (approximate 20 cm away). Thus, stark, brightly colored toys will be required to visually stimulate your newborns. Similarly, toys that could produce sounds will intrigue them. 

Below are the top 5 Toys for babies who are 3 months and younger!

1. Activity Blanket with hanging toys

Activity blanket with hanging toysFisher&Price Activity Mat

Designed specifically for babies to play while lying down, brightly colored play mats would provide babies hours of entertainment. To ensure safety, the hanging toys should be securely attached so that they do not fall off in the event of your babies grabbing then, thereby posing safety hazards.

2. Musical Toys

(1) 41508Mary Meyer Buccanneer Musical Toy

Be it soft musical toy or wooden musical box, musical toys would intrigue your newborns.  Choose musical toys that you and your newborns  will enjoy listening to over extended period of time. Otherwise, you could always allow your newborns to listen to classical music to nurture their brain developments through more modern method of MP3 or MP4 or even classical CDs.

3. Hand Held Toys

Mary Meyer Wubannub Infant Pacifier

Hand held toys that are brightly colored will be excellent options. As your newborns won’t be able to utilize their fingers yet, they will reach out and grasp toys that appeal to their fancies. Some toy manufacturers have come up new designs of pacifier that has soft toys coming along with it. The soft-toy portion provides huggable material for the babies’ little hands. This Hand-grasping would nurture their fine-motor skills.

4. Soft Books

Lamaze Cloth Book

Reading time with your newborn can be a great bonding tool. To facilitate this activity, books with cloth, soft cover will be excellent options. Place your newborn on your lap and read the content of the book out loud. Choose book with brightly colored illustration per page to visually stimulate your newborns’ developing sight. His/ Her eyes will move along as you turn the pages while reading aloud, which serves as a stimulus for arousing interests in books. If he/she can, probably you could allow him/her to enjoy reading on his/her own

5. Mobiles

Mobile toy

Mobiles would provide your new born with enjoyment as they observe their movements. However, at this age your baby will not see an object best when it's about 20 cm away from his face. Thus, mobile with contrasting colors and different geometric shapes would be suitable.

Toys are particularly dangerous as they tend to find their ways to your babies’ mouths. Thus, selecting or buying toys from certified producers should be your key priorities. Ensure that toys have been certified by relevant bodies and passed relevant chemical toxicological test or the physical and mechanical test for a peace of mind.

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