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Buyer's Guide: Diaper Bags

Buyer's Guide: Diaper Bags

Diaper bags have evolved so much from the days of gummy bears and cartoons designs that you might have to do a double-take to make sure they’re not a fashion bag! And they keep getting better. Modern diaper bags come with multiple pockets for feeding accessories, and insulated compartment for warm bottles, and even an integrated changing pad.

The best thing about diaper bags is that they allow you to be prepared when you’re up and about, and they don’t actually look like a bag stuffed with diapers – literally! These bags are increasingly catering to the fashion conscious mom who wants to strut around looking fabulous while caring for her baby.

In fact, you can turn any bag into a diaper bag, if it has a roomy compartment and sturdy pockets. Still, diaper bags are certainly very helpful, and they come in designs to suit every budget.


what’s available

tote diaper bags

The tote style diaper bags are the most popular, and are available in a multitude of designs, colors and sizes. These bags come with one long shoulder strap, two shorter handle straps, or both. The exterior resembles a fashionable tote handbag, but the interior takes the cake, with multiple pockets and compartments to organize your baby essentials.

messenger diaper bags

Blending the design of a messenger bag with the functionality of a diaper bag, these bags are worn with the strap across the shoulder. The strap is often easily adjustable, very much like an ordinary messenger bag. The design and structure of these bags make them popular among younger dads, who may be squeamish about being seen carrying a tote. 

backpack diaper bags

These bags work exactly like a well-partitioned backpack, evenly distributing the weight between your shoulders. They also come with adequate padding, making them ideal for longer duration trips or outdoor activities. Style-wise, these bags don’t score like the tote and messenger diaper bags do, but it wins out on functionality.

Sling diaper bags

This bag’s sling is worn across the shoulder with a single strap, keeping the bag close to your chest. These bags are not as spacious as the other diaper bag variants, which means it’s ideal for short outings. Stylish and compact, these bags have a unisex design and are especially popular with young dads.

Stroller diaper bags

Attached to a stroller with straps, these bags free up your hands, and allow for quick, easy access to any pocket. The stroller will bear the weight of the diaper bag, which can get pretty heavy when fully equipped. Many diaper bags today feature the attachable straps, so you don’t have to buy a dedicated stroller bag.

Take heed that a heavy stroller bag may cause the stroller to flip backwards. Your stroller may have a storage basket underneath to safely place the diaper bag; otherwise, ensure that the diaper bag is attached as low as possible to balance its weight out.


refine your selection

lifestyle considerations

    • Style & Space: Diaper bags come in various designs that allow you to express your inner diva, so choose one that represents your natural style, which you’ll be proud to carry around. If you’re someone who likes to be especially well-prepared, then place more priority on larger compartments and features in your bag selection.
    • Functionality: Diaper bags can come with a host of features, such as pockets for credit cards, make-up, perfume, and even cell-phone slots. Explore which of the features are essential, and which are nice to have before making your choice.
    • Comfort: You’re going to carry the bag around quite a bit, so choose one which fits you like a glove. Decide if you’d like a well-padded strap with one sling, or the backpack type which is suited for outdoor trips.
    • Longevity: The best diaper bag is one that can be used even after your baby has moved to the next stage. A stylish, sturdy diaper bag which is big enough to fit an iPad of small laptop is a great investment, since it can be used beyond a year and a half.


features to look for

    • Material: An often overlooked feature is the material of the diaper bag. You’ll want to choose a material that is easy to clean, as your diaper bag will definitely get dirty. Some diaper bags are made of waterproof material, or are coated with a hydrophobic layer to repel water (great to have!).
    • Pockets: The diaper bag should have an adequate number and types of pockets to easily organize your baby essentials, allowing you to quickly find the exact items you are looking for. The main compartment should be generous enough to store the larger items.
    • Solid Construction: A long-lasting, well-made diaper bag is a plus, since it can handle more of the heavy stuff and still look good. Make sure the straps are well padded and avoid Velcro secured pockets in favor of a magnetic clasp.
    • Changing Pad: Newer designed diaper bags come with an integrated changing pad which can be rolled out on demand. If you’re going for a bag without one, ensure there’s enough room to fit in the changing pad, because you’ll need a soft, clean surface to do your changing.


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