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we make it our business to understand our customers

Toddle. This represents our belief that all great things come from small beginnings. As the popular saying goes: "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow." It's this philosophy that we adhere to in every aspect of our business. 

We started Toddle because we were tired of seeing friends and relatives purchase baby and kids products which do not work as intended, that break down easily, or were just plain unsafe. We believe that shopping the best products should not be a chore, and your time is better invested in caring for your child, rather than filtering from the junk out there. In Toddle you'll find curated collections from the brands you love, as well as specially sourced niche items from designers around the world that are innovative, adorable and safe. We use our 5 basic criteria to evaluate each and every product; it's also our way of having fun tinkering and learning more about the products you buy.


we're invested for the long-term

Competitive Pricing and Quick Delivery

Customer satisfaction is primarily derived from two factors within an online purchase - dollar savings and fast shipping. When you shop at Toddle, you can be assured of fair prices you pay, with minimum shipping delay, for a wholesome customer experience.

Safe and Smooth Payment Channels

The privacy and confidentiality of our customers is our absolute priority. When shopping in our store, be assured that your personal and financial information is handled with care and respect. We offer a safe and secure payment process through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and other major credit card companies. 

Genuine and Safe

Every single product in our shop is certified 100% genuine and of excellent quality. We are meticulous in selecting ethical manufacturers who meet or exceed the applicable safety standards, as prescribed by the governing Health Authorities.

Emphasis on Product Research

We emphasize research and evaluation in our selection process, working together with parents and professionals to understand the evolving needs of kids, so that you pick from only the best.

Return & Exchange Policy

We want you to love your purchase! Shop with confidence with our Return & Exchange Policy.

what Toddle does differently?

Toddle is a destination for young parents who want to shop the best of what's out there, but hate the hassle of choosing from an overwhelming selection of products. Safe products that work - that's our goal.

Every brand and product represented in our shop is selected and benchmarked against 5 basic criteria - a.k.a. Toddle Tags. Our curated collection comprises well-loved brands, as well as niche labels that are both unique and innovative; these are sourced by our team of buyers from both local and overseas markets.

We run an actively updated blog about parenting, products reviews and more, feature buyer's guides to help customers make better purchase decisions, and are constantly working on new initiatives - ultimately, we want to create a shopping experience that goes beyond the products, and into helping our customers solve their problems.


If you need anything, we're just a click and chat away, at the bottom right-hand corner of our website. Alternatively, you can contact us through our online enquiry form, and we'd be happy to help!


Happy Shopping!


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