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Technically speaking, baby showers have absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy, but they’ve become so commonplace nowadays that no mother’s repertoire is complete without some baby shower knowledge! A baby shower is not a bath, as its name may imply; rather, it’s a joyous celebration of the baby’s impending arrival, and the festivities are typically joined by relatives, friends, and even colleagues. Planning a good baby shower can be quite a handful, especially when having to juggle all those trips to the doctor, so some couples opt to leave it to a close friend or professional company to organize. Here are some things to consider when organizing your baby shower.

When should the baby shower happen?

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to the timing of the baby shower; it’s really up to the parents to decide when the best time will be. Traditionally, the baby shower is held during the later end of the 2nd trimester to the 3rd trimester, when the parents know with reasonable certainty that the pregnancy is going smoothly, and is also when they’ll know the gender of the baby. Most baby showers are gender themed, so this knowledge is important.

It’s more common these days, however, for baby showers to be organized one month after delivery, for many compelling reasons. A post-pregnancy baby shower will give the mother time to fully recover from the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth, which allows her to actively join in the celebrations. It also gives the guests time to prepare gender specific gifts for the baby and parents, and the theme of the baby shower can be aligned with the baby’s name, or any other characteristics. Also, it’s more fun and memorable when the star of the party is there in person, rather than in the womb!

Where should you hold your baby shower?

The first consideration when deciding on location is to know your budget, as this will determine the choices that are available to you. Also, it’s good to go along with a single theme for the party, whether it’s a colour, cartoon character, or famous destination, among others. These will help you to narrow down the locations to a select few that match your needs.

Common locations for local baby showers are the cozy home, a hotel lounge, a rustic garden, or even an elaborate yacht for the more particular parents. The theme will also dictate the types of decorations, visuals, door gifts and invitation letters that you send out. If it’s too much for you to handle, do not fret, as there are many professional companies that can help to arrange a baby shower for a modest fee.

Who do I invite to the baby shower?

This ties in with your budget, since you’ll need to provide food and refreshments for all the guests, and it’s better to make sure everyone is well-fed, than to over-invite guests and find that the food is insufficient. If you’re planning the baby shower for the couple, the best way to compile the guest list is to simply ask the parents-to-be, not unlike a traditional wedding. However, if the baby shower is meant to be a surprise, especially for the expectant mother, than you could work with the father-to-be to draft the guest list. Another thing to note is whether the shower will be a ‘couples’ shower where couples are invited, a ‘girl’s only’ shower for the mother, or a free-for-all buffet where everyone is invited.

What do I serve during baby shower?

It’s important to keep your guests happy, and a main part of keeping them happy is to keep their bellies satisfied! Baby shower food tends to be light but appetizing, so ditch the traditional heavy foods like curries and go for sweet treats and bite sized foods, such as macaroons, canapés, pretty cocktails and desserts. For something more filling, finger foods tend to delight guests. The decoration of your cutlery and dishes could follow your chosen theme to ensure coherence throughout, although this is not strictly necessary. For more ideas on the types of finger foods that typically go with a baby shower, check out this wonderful post - Baby shower Bites: 22 Great Bites and Noshes

What do we do during a baby shower?

Now that you’ve got the venue, theme, guests, and food settled, the question that most organizers will have is – what do we do during a normal baby shower? This is at least as important as the other factors, as the guests have to be occupied with more than just the food. If it’s a gathering of old friends and relatives, just sitting around to chill and catch up might not be such a bad idea, but if there are acquaintances or colleagues being invited, some introductory games or sessions could help to break the ice.

The activities during the baby shower largely depends on your guest list, and whether your chosen venue allows for it. Here are some game ideas that could help to spice up the occasion - 19 baby shower games that are actually fun (really!). Although they may be quite silly, they can be great fun for your guests!After all, the baby shower is a celebration for the baby, so every activity is fair game!


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